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I created this Hangman game when I realized I was bored trying to learn vocabulary. My Hangman includes wordlists and defintions for the SAT test, as well as a classic version, so you can increase your vocabulary while having fun! Has 15730 Installs!

Hangman App Logo

An application me and my friends (Aadit Gupta and Raadwan Masum) made in order to make our robotics team more efficient. The app has functionalities such as tracking hours, handling re-imbursements, and a tool check-out system.

AlzheimersAI Logo

AlzheimersAI is a web solution for early detection and tracking of Alzheimer's disease.

Made in collaboration with RGBHack.

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After finding ourselves needing so many tools in distance learning, we decided to create Spark, an intuitive and empowering all-in-one productivity web app.

Made in collaboration with RGBHack.

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Litera is an AR app to aid young visual learners in vocabulary and spelling. Litera is especially useful as most spelling and vocabulary products on the market are auditory based so this could be a great help to visual learners.

Made in collaboration with RGBHack.

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Fabric is a synchronized whiteboard that allows teachers to easily communicate with students. Made in collaboration with RGBHack.