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I created this Hangman game when I realized I was bored trying to learn vocabulary. My Hangman includes wordlists and defintions for the SAT test, as well as a classic version, so you can increase your vocabulary while having fun! Has 16064 Installs!

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BioThings Explorer

I am a developer on the BioThings Explorer Project of the Su Lab, which provides centralized access to biological and chemical data by calling APIs which distribute these data on the fly. Features I worked on include:

  • Implemented a comprehensive logging framework using Sentry
  • Reduced testing failures by implementing mock API calls
  • Wrote Python parsers to integrate 4 new data sources
  • Optimized number of API calls made by Biothings Explorer by processing qualifier information
  • Integrated the JQ Json Processor with BioThings Explorer to allow easier integration of APIs

Hangman App Logo

An application me and my friends (Aadit Gupta and Raadwan Masum) made in order to make our robotics team more efficient. The app has functionalities such as tracking hours, handling re-imbursements, and a tool check-out system.

OptixScouting Logo

In the FIRST Robotics Competition, we commonly needed to "scout", or record information on other teams during matches. However, during matches WiFi and data can be limited forcing us to relay this information by talking, which was a very tedious process. Hence, we created the OptixScout app, which allows you to record information about a team's scoring during a match, which can be used by scouters. This information can then be aggregated through the OptixScout webapp, which takes QR codes from the OptixScout app meaning no wifi or data is required. Created in collaboration with Jadon Lee and Dash Penning.

AlzheimersAI Logo

AlzheimersAI is a web solution for early detection and tracking of Alzheimer's disease.

Made in collaboration with RGBHack.

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RSA Tool/Messager

This cross-platform command line tool allows end-to-end encrypted messaging between a server and client using RSA (implemented from scratch) & AES. This tool also allows generation of RSA keys (2048 bit) to be used in encryption/decryption of files. The tool is written in Rust & the binaries are published on GitHub.

Ring Tac Toe Logo
Ring Tac Toe

Ring Tac Toe is a more advanced version of the classic Tic Tac Toe game with three rings in each of the 9 spaces on the grid. This game allows up to 4 players, playing either online or on one computer!

Spark Logo

After finding ourselves needing so many tools in distance learning, we decided to create Spark, an intuitive and empowering all-in-one productivity web app.

Made in collaboration with RGBHack.

Litera Logo

Litera is an AR app to aid young visual learners in vocabulary and spelling. Litera is especially useful as most spelling and vocabulary products on the market are auditory based so this could be a great help to visual learners.

Made in collaboration with RGBHack.

Fabric Logo

Fabric is a synchronized whiteboard that allows teachers to easily communicate with students. Made in collaboration with RGBHack.

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Stats Calculator

In AP Statistics, me and my friends found ourselves having to make a lot of repeated statistical calculations with sets of data, and needed a way to save these stats. Therefore, we created a Stats Calculator that saves datasets and provides visual plots as well! Made in collaboration with Kinish Sathish, Gabriel Boudreau, and Jay Manjrekar.

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Quiz Me

While trying to study for some of our classes using online flashcard tools, me and my friends noticed a lot of the features of these tools are paid. Furthermore, it was hard to track which flashcards we were getting wrong the most to study those. To fix this, we made QuizMe, a free online flashcard platform that provides analytics on which flashcards you are getting wrong and right to better optimize your studying. Created in collaboration with Andrew Meng, Nicholas Mounier, Bailey Say, and Aarav Arora.

QuizMe Logo

This is a tool to practice for the AP Computer Science A Exam on the topics of Arrays and 2D Arrays. Has numerous FRQs from AP and custom made, which students can submit solutions to and get automatically graded. Grades are based on test cases which can give partial credit if the problem has been partially solved. Created in collaboration with Andrew Meng, Nicholas Mounier, Braeden Copley, and Aarav Arora.